Apple has a new product and if you've turned on any of your devices, you've seen the commercial MANY times. If you have not seen the ad, good for you for exercising, reading and not using your TV, phone, tablet or eyes for the last week. The rest of us have seen it 6,341 times and it can kindly 'F' off.

The message is clear, there are different sound modes, one used to block out all street noise so you can become a pedestrian vehicular homicide victim. When you use the mode that blocks out all other noise you apparently dance like you've taken twelve to thirteen hits of Molly or your body has been filled with ghosts. You dance like this right up until your aforementioned death at the hands of a taxi cab.

In the other mode where you can hear street noise you don't dance like a spice addict and live to see another day. We get it Apple, you got some new gear, noted. I wouldn't buy this product with your money and free delivery because this commercial has haunted my otherwise relaxing TV time. Please stop playing the ad and let us get back to our regularly scheduled programming: insurance commercials.

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