The Victoria's Secret fashion show is to be held in Shanghai in two weeks and it's becoming a pain in the ass, according to insider reports via the NY Post.

Apparently, China won't grant work visas for the press, press releases in China are nearly impossible to get out because the government has to approve them, and they are making outdoor shooting locations a point of contention.

I'm just sorry to hear that there are people who are surprised to learn that China can be difficult. It seems as if someone took a turn key event and turned it into a HUGE problem just for the sake of making it a problem.

We here in the U.S. of A. know exactly how to throw down an event with half naked ladies that benefits no one completely hassle free. Why not do it here? Because someone — and there's always one — wanted to do something "different" for the sake of doing it "different."

I don't really care. The fact is, the Victoria's Secret fashion show is lame. I love half naked ladies, but I prefer naked ones. The clothes are not fashion. No one can wear angel wings and panties to Whole Foods. China is difficult, it's been well documented.

My favorite theory about why China is so difficult is exactly the reason why I am writing this. China's famous secrecy, according to Ancient Alien theorists, is that they are the "hidden empire." They have been working with Alien life from way back when:

If you were trying to keep a human/alien collaboration under wraps, would you want the E! Network cameras all over the place? I think not.

This is a mistake on both ours and China's part. Their mistake is allowing a useless fashion show that comes with a butt-load of media behind the curtain. Our mistake is not taking advantage of the access with a Derek Zoolander type. We need a model/spy to infiltrate and get some answers.

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