Be proud Connecticut, Bantam is the epicenter of the dairy world. Need proof? Did you happen to see a tv production crew and luxury vehicles along RT. 202 in town this week? We now know what was up - The makers of the Best Cheese in the United States got a visit from Martha Stewart as she paid her respects last week.

According to Arethusa Farm Dairy, Martha Stewart made her way up Rt.7 and 202 to shoot an upcoming episode of 'Martha Cooks' with them last week . Arethusa posted a couple of pics of Martha, in one she's holding a wheel of their incredible Europa cheese, and in another, It looks like part of the episode was shot inside the Arethusa Farm Dairy Store on Bantam Road.

Photo by Large Dave
Photo by Large Dave

Respect and validation keep coming in for Arethusa Farm and the incredible products that they produce here. I drive by that store twice a day on my way to and from work, and I can't stop buying their products. I used to just be addicted to Sweet Cream Chocolate Chip Ice Cream and the Arethusa Farm Half & Half, now I'm buying half gallons of their Half & Half, blocks of Europa, the Arethusa butter, and I'm obsessed with the Mango Lassi at Arethusa a mano. Please, stop me before I turn into an award-winning Holstein myself.

What I'm really interested in seeing is if Arethusa will ever be able to talk the owner of the old Shell station across Bantam Road from them into selling them their property.

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