We have quite a few food-related festivals in Connecticut: Oyster fests in Norwalk and Milford, the Corn and Potato Fest in North Branford, Chowder and Apple fests, and my favorite? The Garlic Fest in Bethlehem. A new food related event has just been announced, I love the idea, it's also happening in Bethlehem.

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When the annual Garlic festival at the Bethlehem Fairgrounds started up, I thought it was a great idea, it has been my favorite. Why? There is usually a lot of different garlic products available. Duh, right? But I can't tell you how many times I've gone to a food-specific event or festival, and there's only one or two places selling oysters, or apples, or whatever, in the whole joint. If you hook me into going to your clam event or, you better bring bushels.

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I have faith that March Farm in Bethlehem is up for that challenge, because they're growing the pickles that will be eaten at the just announced March Farm Presents: Pickles +, which is happening on April 30, 2023. Why did it take someone so long to come up with this idea? Good for you Bethlehem, you know the underrated food items that get all of our attention.

March Farm has put up a brief list of what we can expect, including fried pickles, pickle grilled cheese, Philly pickle cheesesteaks, a make-your-own pickle demo, and if the weather Gods are friendly, March Farm cukes will be fresh and ready for the vinegar.

I'm hoping that the Bethlehem Witch Hazel and Mushroom festivals are the next to be announced.

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