On my daily quest to find exciting content about Connecticut, I was surprised to come across this Facebook page titled, "Worst of Connecticut." So I asked myself, do we need another reason to spew hate, hostility, and loathing?

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But then, I saw what their page is all about, which is summed up with the group's description, "A place to share the worst of our otherwise great state in order to make it even better by shedding light on that which is bringing us down."

From there, I noticed a pinned post at the top of the page, calling for Worst of Connecticut followers to shout out the towns that they feel are the worst in the state, and why they feel that way.

"We're taking nominations for the worst towns in Connecticut. Greenwich, Old Saybrook, Essex, and Manchester are automatically on the list. What are your suggestions? Please give justification if you can. Examples include runaway sprawl, out-of-control cops, overtly racist vibes, overwhelming bougie or pretentious or exclusionary attitudes, extremely shitty (more so than usual) elected officials, and finally, towns that are ridiculously overpriced (even compared to the rest of Connecticut). Of course, based on the above criteria, it will be very difficult to beat the cesspool that is Old Saybrook but let's see what you've got!   @Town of Greenwich @Old Saybrook, Connecticut @Essex, CT @Town of Manchester - Government...#DoBetterConnecticut"

Now, of course, users took to the social media page with your typical anti-Connecticut stances, but here are some of the responses that stood out to me most:

  • "@Town of Manchester - The government has apparently blocked us. Congratulations, you've jumped to the top of the list of worst towns in Connecticut - kudos!!!"
  • "Worst town Stamford the cops beat ya bloody with a smile for no reason then get promoted even when it was recorded the cops kill their girlfriends and get away with it"
  • "Hamden. Insanely high mill rate. Increasing crime with no strategies to reduce. Terrible school system."

In light of those responses, my question to the users of this FB page is this -- what purpose does this serve?

It only benefits those who hate living in our state. Between the divisiveness in our country, massive illness across the globe, and climate change that's eating up our planet, isn't that already a sufficient amount of crap to deal with? I think this post from another of the page's followers says it all:

"Don't like capitalism? Leave the country. You have that freedom. I'm not for stores being open on Thanksgiving, but it sounds like you need to move to Venezuela to appreciate what you have now!"

If you've read this article or checked out the 'Worst of Connecticut' Facebook page, I'm interested in what you think, considering every state has problems and issues.

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