To the President and CEO of Wegmans, Colleen Wegman:

When does Connecticut get a Wegman's Supermarket?

Unless you've actually shopped inside a Wegman's Supermarket, it may be difficult to understand the scope and magnitude of this historic family-owned grocery store that brother's John and Walter Wegman established in 1930.

Humungous Wine Selection at Wegmans - Credit YouTube Video by ChrisQuest

You need to understand that I do all of the grocery shopping for Mindy and I, which is why I'm so passionate about a Wegmans in Connecticut, preferably in Danbury. Talk to me, Ms. CEO, Colleen Wegman! When will Connecticut get their very own Wegmans? It's not my intent to trash talk the grocery store chains already in the Danbury area, but people, just take a good hard look to see what's passing us by!

It was 1967 when I snagged my first part-time job bagging groceries at a Wegmans Supermarket in Fairport, New York. I've always maintained this cozy feeling of sentimentality towards this Rochester, NY based market which has expanded into 107 stores spread out among New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, and North Carolina.

If you look at a map that shows the location of every single Wegman's store in the country, it almost looks like Connecticut was purposely left out of their expansion plans. Wegmans to the north, Wegmans to the south, and Wegmans to the east and west of us, and here we sit alone in Connecticut surrounded by Wegman's wannabees wishing we could experience the wonder of this country's master-class grocery super-store!...... Too much?

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It appears to me and I think you would agree that Wegman execs are simply toying with my emotions because later this year, a brand-spankin' new Wegmans is opening in Harrison, NY, a mere 40.7 miles from New Fairfield, CT. Wegmans, you're such a tease! You know those wise shoppers like myself wouldn't even think of driving 50 minutes one way or almost two hours round trip to go grocery shopping, even at Wegmans, or do they?

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