As I was checking out the Connecticut page on Reddit, I noticed a post from someone asking for advice about moving to Connecticut from New York City but had concerns about how expensive it is to live here. She also was told that Waterbury and Hartford are dangerous.

She already received 52 comments as of Friday evening, and I noticed some were informative and others were off-putting and rude. For example, she mentioned, "I want to make decisions about the area from people who live there, not anyone who has a racist idea of what's 'dangerous.' Here's some advice for what it's worth "bluebeatrice," ignore the idiot posts on Reddit.

Candlewood Lake - Ethan Carey
Candlewood Lake - Ethan Carey

If you'd like to hear from someone who's lived in Connecticut for 42 years, then I'm the guy you should talk with. My wife and I moved to New Fairfield, Connecticut in 1979 from Rochester, New York. We've raised three children here who are now off on their own. Two of our kids live in New Milford, and one lives in Bristol.

It's a fact that Connecticut is one of the more expensive states to live in, but it's also one of the most beautiful states in New England. If you'd like to be located only 90 minutes from New York City, I highly recommend New Fairfield or any town in the greater Danbury area. With Candlewood Lake only minutes from anywhere in greater Danbury, you can't go wrong.

Recently I wrote two articles for titled, 'Connecticut's Most Inexpensive Places to Live in 2021' and 'The 15 Most Dangerous Cities in Connecticut.'  I'm hoping in some way this might help you find a place to live in Connecticut that works for you.

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Depending upon the individual, CT could be great, it could suck, it could be pretty, it could be a dump. There are a wide variety of things people could take into consideration to develop an opinion on the Nutmeg or Constitution State (CT Is both). However, there are certain identifying markers that set the state apart from the rest of the country. There are things you cannot help but notice in Connecticut. A Reddit user asked others to "Say they are from Connecticut without saying it." These are some of the great answers people came up with. 

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