i95 wants to give you a chance to give your significant other a Valentine's Day for the ages with the Office and a Gentleman prize package give away.

Between now and noon on Monday, Feb. 10, we'll be accepting nominations for the love of your life to win one of four huge prize packages. The prizes will be delivered on Tuesday, Feb. 14 by i95 morning show hosts and resident gentlemen, Ethan and Lou. They'll be decked out in the finest formal wear.

Each Valentine's Day prize package will include the following:

- 1 dozen roses from Driscoll's Florist in Danbury

- 1 $50 Gift Certificate redeemable at Two Steps Downtown Grill in Danbury

- 1 Full Chocolate Experience from Fascia's Chocolates in Waterbury

- 1 $50 Gift Certificate redeemable at Dawn's Pizzazz Salon and Spa

Check out the hilarious video from last year's Office and A Gentleman, then Fill out the form below and let us know why your better half deserves a visit to his or her office from our gentlemen.

Valentine's Day: An Office and a Gentleman 2017

  • Your Name*
  • (MM-DD-YY)
  • Name of Person you are nominating*Please know that we will only be using first names if we decide to read your story on air.
  • Name/Address of your significant other's workplace**THIS PERSON MUST LIVE WITHIN THE i95 listening area** Ethan and Lou will personally deliver this Valentine's Day Prize Package. If you don't know the address of the nominee's workplace, please provide as much info as possible
  • If you don't know their number or if they don' t have one, please provide what you can
  • Please tell us about the person you are nominating. Please be detailed and make sure you tell us why we should pick this person to receive this prize.