If you've taken even one step outside as of late, you know... it be hot. According to the National Weather Service, today (June 27th) will had a high near 87. It doesn't get any cooler tomorrow, staying at the same high. The weekend will continue on, staying in the 80s range.

So what is one to do in this brutal heat? Kids have all the options; the water park, playgrounds, being small enough to run through a sprinkler. But what about us adults? i95 WRKI has your back, here are 5 things to do to beat the heat... grown-up edition.

1) "Slip N' Flip" 

Ah yes, a classic Texan game of Slip N' Flip, a family favorite. Although the thumbnail makes you think the man on the right is struggling (possibly throwing up), I don't think he is!! He's just a little winded (probably, I'm too afraid to watch that part). In all seriousness, this is a great way to cool down with friends during the heat. All you need is a little table, red cups, drank, and a Slip N' Slide. As highlighted by fatherly.com, those long pieces of plastic tend to be steep in price, regularly being advertised for $150. Fatherly made a guide on how to make your own, step by step. You can check that out here.

2) Vodka Watermelon 

By some magical reason given to us from above, watermelons absorb alcohol extremely well. All you need is a watermelon, a knife, and some alcohol. After you run through all the steps that Tipsy Bartender will walk you through in the video above, you can cut open the watermelon and enjoy the treat. It's a perfect activity to invite your friends over for in the Summer. It's also a great snack table centerpiece for your summer party.

3) Buy your Dog a Pool to Make All His Neighbor-Dog Friends Jealous

dog sleep in summer
Credit: damedeeso

I love my dog. So much. And I just want the best for him. So how COULD I enjoy the summer heat without letting him live it up a little. This swimming pool from Petco is perfect to cool your pupper down in the hot weather. I recommend size large because, well, they deserve it. When doggo is sick of the pool and wants to tan for a little, this cooling cot is perfect. As the weather heats up, things may get a little rougher for your dog, especially if he or she has a more pushed in snout. Check out these tips from Hill's so you can have fun with your dog this summer without worry.

4) Test Cool Drinks (Or Screw Over Your Friends) With "Drinko!!"

For anyone who has ever stayed home from school sick watching Price is Right, you know Plinko. You basically drop a little ball or chip at the top of the board, leaving your fate to the little metal pegs that bounce it back and forth. Wherever the chip lands at the bottom is your prize, or in this case, your drink. If you choose to be nice to your friends, this is a perfect opportunity to try more of Tipsy Bartender's drink recipes. For summer shots by the pool, his recipes include Pink Starburst shots, Jellyfish shots, Blue Hawaiian shots and many more. Just go to his website and search 'Summer Shots' for the full list.

5) Summer Bonfire with Old Friends

Hands toasting wine glasses
Credit: AlexRaths

As we get older, people move away, schedules are hectic, and it seems harder to keep in touch with all your old besties. Make a cute virtual invitation on Canva and send it in a group-chat to all your friends. Spend the day however you want; go to the beach, go to a bar, whatever... but at night when it cools down, end it by sitting around your bonfire roasting some S'mores, catching up and enjoying the company of your old friends. If you don't have one, learn how to build a fire pit here, or buy one like this.

Happy summer everyone!

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