It's about time! Soon you'll be able to enjoy an icy cold beer or a glass of wine at your favorite movie theater in New York State. The State Liquor Authority unanimously gave the go-ahead for movie theaters to apply for a beer and wine license, according to an article on

A small popcorn at an AMC theater goes for about $6.00, and a large sets you back about $8.50. So how much do you think a small beer going to cost? My guess is approximately $9.00. The AMC16 theater in Danbury currently does not serve wine or beer, which I think is absurd considering dozens upon dozens of AMC theaters across the country include a MacGuffins Bar inside their cinemas.

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NYS is one of the last states to offer booze at their movie cinemas. According to an article at in April 2017, NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo made his pitch for alcohol to be sold at movie theaters saying, "The more New Yorkers can do to promote tourism the better, continuing with the proposal to allow alcohol to be sold in movie theaters"

According to a recent article in the New York Post, previously, theaters could only sell the drinks if they had a restaurant license with a full kitchen and waitstaff to bring the alcohol to customers in their seats — or a tavern license that limited drinking to a table, often in the lobby.

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