Having a procedure like this is a memorable thing. Any time a doctor alters how your body works is something you don't soon forget, but there is something about a vasectomy that lends itself to delivering laughs. I wasn't laughing, but everyone else had a chuckle. This morning on the Ethan and Lou show, a story from "Missed Headlines" triggered another memory:

It's healthy to laugh -- any good doctor will tell you that. It seems that my doctor believes in this so much, he wanted me to have a boat load of laughs we could all enjoy for a lifetime.

Now about this vasectomy cake. It did not occur to me that this might be a "cake worthy" occasion at first, but it is. I think a cake on vasectomy day is so much more appropriate than on your birthday. Anyone who feels that vulnerable deserves a sugary treat afterward. I'm going to have to talk to my wife about getting a make-up vasectomy cake, I feel short changed.

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