After blowing off two deposition hearings to answer questions from Sandy Hook families, the Hartford Courant has reported that Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis laid down the law and found Jones in contempt of court.

Bellis called his  "willful" violation of her orders that he appears in an Austin, Texas, courtroom at a deposition hearing to answer questions from the Sandy Hook families who lost their children in the Sandy Hook school shootings. The families have been waiting on Jones for years to question him about calling the murders of their children a hoax on his Info Wars program.

Until the depositions take place in Connecticut, Bellis ordered Jones to pay a fine of $50,000 a day. If he chooses to ignore the judge's directive, other sanctions will be imposed until he shows up in court as ordered.

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Neil Heslin Holding a Photo of His Son, Jesse - Getty Images

Jones offered to pay an FBI agent and 18 members of 10 families who lost their children $120,000 each to settle the defamation lawsuits he lost in court. According to Hearst Connecticut Media, Neil Heslin, the father of Jesse, angrily rejected the offer saying, "With me, it was never about money - it was about principle." Heslin wants to wage a war of words on Jones.

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