After being fined $75,000 for being a no-show for his deposition, Info Wars host, Alex Jones finally hopped a plane to Connecticut to answer questions regarding his Sandy Hook defamation case.

NBC News has reported that Jones sat for depositions on Tuesday and Wednesday, saying that he sat for a 10-hour deposition on Tuesday, and you can see from this video how he's turned himself into the victim.

Let's review the reason why Jones was sued in the first place. The Washington Post reported on this story in November 2021, stating that the Sandy Hook families have for years argued that Jones profited from his bogus claims that the Newtown, Conn., school shooting, which killed 20 children and six staffers, was a "false flag" operation carried out by "crisis actors." The following is Alex Jones' reply after the lawsuit was initially filed.

I have spent millions of dollars fighting these fraudulent Sandy Hook lawsuits against me and they never wanted me to have my real day in court in front of a jury, reprising baseless claims about a “deep state.”  It’s too dangerous for the establishment that uses those dead children to try to destroy the First Amendment, not just the Second Amendment.”

Jones recanted his Sandy Hook comments back in 2019, saying the Sandy Hook shootings really did take place and blaming his false statements on “a form of psychosis.” What kind of human being does this? What kind of monster takes the unimaginable grief of parents who have lost their children and attributes those unthinkable images as a hoax?

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