The Alberta Clipper. Yeah, that's the term the meteorologists used to describe this type of storm we were supposed to get. That's the latest category name they have shared with us recently that they claim has always been around.

Name aside, they botched this one. I don't look at the weather men and ladies and expect perfection. That's not fair. We are asking them to predict what Earth will do today.

What I look for is, can they get the timing right? If you think about it, anything over a couple of inches requires some planning on all of our parts. So WHEN the storm comes and when it's likely to end are the most important pieces of information for most of us. The accumulation numbers are the sexy statistic, like home runs in baseball. The timing is more important and in that way like on base percentage.

So this one was a FAIL for all of our local weather people. Most of what I heard was it was supposed to start yesterday midday, stall out, fire back up in the evening and we would wake to 4-8 inches. None of that happened.

This Alberta Clipper gets two thumbs down, 0 stars, Rotten Tomatoes called it the early front runner for worst film of the year. This storm was worse than all of the many Godzilla remakes. I say skip it.

Now here is my favorite song that includes a nod to Alberta, Canada where the Alberta Clippers start.

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