This news isn’t gonna help anyone have a better vacation.

American Airlines just made it official that they’re now raising fees for checked bags by $5 each way, following United Airlines and Delta Airlines doing so, according to Market Realist. Prior to those three carriers increasing prices, Jet Blue and Air Canada had already raised their fees. All of these airlines fly out of Bradley International Airport in Connecticut as well as White Plains International airport.

It doesn't seem like five dollars more will make too much of a difference, but when you add all of the costs of a family vacation up, it does take a bite out of the budget. Ahhhhh this is amazing. After waiting forever to get through security, taking your shoes off, getting wanded, frisked, and squeezed into tinier seats these days, we also get price gouged even more.

Thankfully, there’s word that congress is looking into maintaining minimum seat sizes, with standard legroom now, presumably for safety reasons. Maybe they’ll look into getting better food and snacks on board too, and of course, capping baggage prices.

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