Did you get to know your neighbor Christian Siriano when he lived in Danbury? He lived here for 8 years, and then upgraded from the Hat City to the Gold Coast. Siriano left Danbury in 2020, and now resides in Westport. Siriano has just announced on social media that he is opening a new store next week on the Post Road East in town.

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For those of you that have no idea who this incredible American fashion designer is, you've never watched an episode of Project Runway, correct? I have, and Siriano is one of the most talented designers in the whole history or the show. He won the top prize in Project Runway's 4th season in 2007, and now he's replaced Tim Gunn as the overlord/mentor. Runway has been on hiatus/limbo since early 2020, with no news as to a season 20, or when and if it may air.

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Siriano announced on his social media accounts, and I personally received a nice invitation, to attend the soft opening of The Collective West. Siriano is using his clout to support a host of local artists in his new store, which will be located at 940 Post Road East in Westport. According to the invitation I received, you'll be able to purchase Siriano designs, obviously, but some of the other featured brands at The Collective West will include Swoon Westport, Josh Levkoff Jewelry, Irene Lummertz Jewelry, Snif, Eny Parker, Bleusalt, Franny's Farmacy, Bungalow Decor, and Future Lovers of Tomorrow.

The Collective West has a soft-opening event early next week, based on how that goes, I'd imagine that the store is very close to opening up to the public. Day trip Runway fans?

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