The owner of King's Restaurant, Nick Pirraglia, stood and stared at what was left of his eatery on Route 25 in Newtown. In the wee morning hours of October 21, a tractor-trailer traveling north on Route 25 veered to the right and then went off the road and wiped out the front of his restaurant as reported on the website

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King's Restaurant is a legendary eatery in Fairfield County, and it's always packed, especially on a Sunday morning. As Nick surveyed the damage, he couldn't help but think about the other two times the same thing happened and all over the course of eight years.

After Newtown's chief building official surveyed the damage, he told Nick the front part of the building was no longer structurally sound, which is not surprising because the original building was constructed in the late 1700s.

King's Restaurant - Instant Google
King's Restaurant - Instant Google

Nick knew that if he were going to rebuild, the restaurant's front would have to be torn down and rebuilt from scratch. This is when Nick and his son, Dan, who own the restaurant together, began to discuss that maybe it was time to look for a new location.

If you ask Pirraglia about why he thinks the eatery has been driven into three times in eight years, he'll tell you the traffic pattern of Route 25 has something to do with it. He went on to say:

Once you come over the ridge where the light is, if you're not paying attention, you're going right into a curb. It comes at you pretty quickly.


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