According to USA Today Adam Sandler is getting Oscar buzz at the Cannes Film Festival for his new movie: "The Meyerowitz Stories."  He's even rocking the "I'm up for an award" facial hair. 

He is being taken real seriously as candidate to win an Oscar? Yeah and monkeys might fly out of my butt. No really, I hope it's awesome and he wins. He is one of my favorite Hollywood people, he was the first real celebrity I ever met and I know about 80 percent of his movies by heart.

He does need a non stinker film right about now. The last Sandler movie I watched was "The Do-Over." That was an apt title because when they watched the final product they should have done a complete Do-over. Then Sandy Wexler came out on Netflix and I said I am not even going to waste my time.

I don't get bothered by his flops though because his hits have improved my life in ways I can't even explain. Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore and the Wedding Singer are some of the most quotable and funny movies of all time. The dude was kind of the actor/comedian representative of my generation. He was weird, funny, horny (in not a weird way) and had insane friends.

I hope he gets it and I hope this movie is actually as good as they say cause his other serious movies were both depressing and boring. I can't believe Sandler may win an Oscar.

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