An icon of American film made a stop to mangia at an establishment that bears the name of one of his most famous movies in New Haven the other day.

According to a Facebook post from his wife Dee Dee, Paul "Paulie Cicero" Sorvino took in a meal at Goodfellas Restaurant on the way back home after what looks like a nice trip to Vermont.

If you click on the videos, a great scene unfolds, Goodfellas is actually on one of the tv's in the restaurant, and Sorvino trains the camera between her husband and his image on the movie screen. Sorvino seems to be blissfully unaware during this, stuffing his face with food while the movie plays away. Very cool scene though.

Sorvino is the latest famous actor to make a stop at the restaurant, according to their website. Sorvino joins a star-studded list which includes DeNiro, Pacino, Lorraine Bracco, and a few of the cast members from the Sopranos.

Thanks for stopping in, Paulie, now I gotta turn my back on you.

Watch the FB video:

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