Now that my daughter Vida is 15-months-old, we are learning a lot about her personality.

Here is what I can tell you so far: This girl is head strong, likes hugs and kisses on her terms, and destruction is her favorite past time. I have had to lock down every cabinet she can reach because Vida feels that all of our pots and pans belong on the floor, at all times.

She also likes to play cards. When she does, she does this alone. She places the cards in from of her in a pile, and throws them behind her back until the pile is gone. When it's gone, she does a quick spin move and starts all over. She looks like a card shark who is disgusted with every hand she's been dealt.

She loves dancing and eating. Her favorite dance move is the spin with one hand up. Her favorite food is a pile of black beans or a pile of berries. Either way, she is a big fan of foods that come in piles.

She's quick with an answer to any question. Her favorite responses are, "no," and "I don't know." So either she is being dismissive, or going for an answer that conveniently ends any conversation. She's also a HUGE fan of mischief — I don't know where the hell that comes from.

She's a tough customer; smart, funny, and almost always happy. She's just like her mom, and I would have it no other way.

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