I couldn't stop myself from tearing up over this. Grab the Kleenex. 

My mom was widowed and lived alone in her own home until she passed away. She was in her 80's and fiercely independent. I'm an only child, and while I was with her often and she did have a small support system, no one was there all of the time. So, when I saw this story, my heart clenched.

Fox 61.com shares the story of a 911 dispatcher taking an act of kindness to the next level. Katherine Grady was at the end of her shift at Hartford’s 911 call center, when she took a call for help from 86-year-old Francis Royer. I dare you to watch and not tear up.

Another moment of realizing how much goodness and compassion there truly is in our world. Hopefully, you're inspired to perform an act of kindness today.

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