Many of my friends and family have moved away from Connecticut over the years, and they all say "Sell your place and move____, you get so much more." What kind of new construction could I get for $600,000 here in Connecticut, or say, Texas? Let's look.

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I went on and searched for a new house in Connecticut for $600,000, and I found 197 Willow Street in Newington, Connecticut listed by William Raveis Real Estate. I then searched Frisco, Texas for a new $600,000 build, and found a townhouse listed by Village on Main Street. Newington has the advantage by being a stand-alone house, right? Not so fast.

William Raveis/Village on Main Street via Zillow
William Raveis/Village on Main Street via Zillow

A $600,000 New Build in Connecticut, or Texas? The Sad Truth

If you have $600,000, and you want to buy a brand-new house, what would you get for your money in Connecticut compared to Texas? I searched Zillow and found a new house in Newington, Connecticut, and a new house in Frisco, Texas. Let's compare

Gallery Credit: William Raveis/Village on Main Street via Zillow

Even This Beauty Costs $15,000 in Connecticut

Not everyone has $250,000 for a home, some not even $500. It's not cheap to live anywhere, but especially here in Connecticut. I just found this listing for the cheapest home on the market in all of our state, and I'm amazed that even this is going for $15,000 in 2024

Gallery Credit: Moxie Team and Randall Realtors-Compass via Zillow

The Great Grocery Store Swap of 2024 is Underway in Waterbury

I've always felt that grocery stores were bulletproof businesses, but 2023 was not a good year for Waterbury. First, the Shop Rite on Wolcott Street closed down for good, followed closely by Town Plot's loss of Banana Brazil Market on Fairfield Ave. Good news, both properties have new grocery stores on the way this month

Gallery Credit: Google


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