Day-in and day-out our hometown heroes on the frontline are working hard for us, but we can't forget the four-legged ones that do the same!

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It's graduation time and Connecticut State Police announced that the 210th Patrol Dog class is among the graduating class, having finished out their training on May 8th.

This team of all Labrador Retrievers completed their eight-week course. These specialized canines are trained to detect explosives in public areas. This training includes detecting explosives at schools, airports, sporting events, arenas, concerts, vehicles and more.

Congratulations are in order for the following teams:

  1. Joseph Lombardi and K9 Lisbon | Connecticut State Police
  2. Bomb Squad Andrew Wood and K9 Augie | Newington PD
  3. New Hampshire Paul Glynn and K9 Brody | SCSU, New Haven, CT
  4. Adam Lippa and K9 Autumn | Vermont State Police
  5. Matthew Sweitzer and K9 Galina | Vermont State Police
  6. Charles Hebron and K9 Blue | Yale PD, New Haven, CT
  7. Michael Criscuolo and K9 Nathan | New Haven PD
  8. Conrado Bermudez and K9 Chet | United Nations
  9. Bernabe Gonzales and K9 Isa | United Nations

Thank you and Happy National Police Week.

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