Yikes. I guess tempers are hot as the school year comes close to an end.

Cliques, gossip, bullying. Sadly it is an insidious part of school life for many. I think parents hope and pray that their children's time spent in school is the journey of education and friendship, and not cliques, gossip, and bullying, but often it isn't the case. Here's what just happened at a high school in Connecticut.

In a story from wtnh.com ten students at Ansonia High School are facing charges for a fight. Nine girls and a boy were all arrested and suspended after a fight broke out outside the school cafeteria.

According to officials, this fight was a result of a continuing issue happening among two groups of young woman at the school. Authorities say the Ansonia Police Department has investigated three other incidents and have made nine other arrests since Feb. of this year. The story even says that Ansonia High School's resource officer had tried numerous times in the past to mediate the issue by bringing the students together, as well as talking separately with parents.

Fists flying never solve anything, but since clearly even adults don't often learn that lesson, one can only hope these young woman can find a better way moving forward.

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