I've been living in Connecticut more than half my life, so by now I understand that some of what people in other areas of the country think about Connecticut isn't true at all.

They say it's all about perception, and to be honest, having grown up just outside of Queens, and only visiting Connecticut a few times, I actually bought into some of the Connecticut stereotypes.

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Now when I run into someone from the old neighborhood, or a relative that has stayed glued to Long Island their whole life, there's a lot they think they know about Connecticut, but now having the knowledge of over three decades of living here in the Nutmeg State, I can tell you they are way off the mark, and buying into the hype of all the Connecticut stereotypes.

To prove my point, here is a list of 8 common stereotypes that most people not from Connecticut actually believe to be true about our sometimes great state.

8 Stereotypes About Connecticut That Most People In America Think Are True

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