With the help of Yelp and bestthingsct.com, plus my personal love for the bagel, let's go find some of the best in northern Fairfield County.

Bagels originated in the Jewish communities of Poland and are shaped by hand from yeasted wheat dough. The bagel is first boiled in water for a short time and then baked. Wikipedia claims that bagels were introduced in Krakow, Poland around 1610. You'll be able find a variety of chewy, delectable bagels at the following locations around Danbury:

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    Bagelman - Danbury & Brookfield

    Bagelman has been a fixture in the Danbury area for years and have three locations, 39-B Mill Plain Rd. and 40 1/2 Padanaram Rd. in Danbury and 14 Candlewood Lake Rd. in Brookfield.

    My favorite Bagelman bagel to eat naked. No, I'm not naked, it means the bagel has nothing on it! My two favorite naked bagels are their Oat Bran and Cinnamon Raisin.

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    Bagel DeLight - Newtown

    Bagel Delight is located at 30 Church Hill Rd. in Newtown and rates close to a perfect score with Yelp reviewers.

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    The Bagel Shop - Brewster

    You'll find the Bagel Shop at 851 Rt.22 in Brewster and it scores a 4.5/5 on Yelp. Reviewers also raved about their awesome bagel deli sandwiches

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    Carmel Bagel Deli North

    This gem of a deli is located at 1021 Rt. 52 in Carmel. Yelp reviewers love the quick in and out for breakfast along with the delish breakfast bagel sandwiches. Many also appreciated the friendly staff.

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    Mt Kisco Smokehouse

    I included Mt. Kisco Smokehouse in this article because it's one of the few shops that still hand slice smoked salmon also known as lox. You can walk into any large grocery store chain and purchase a package of lox, but If you really want that authentic 'lox and bagels' experience, hand sliced lox with cream cheese on a sesame seed bagel will give you that food orgasm you've been searching for your entire life! Too much? The Mt. Kisco Smokehouse can be found at 520 Lexington Ave. in Mt. Kisco.

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    Our Town Bagels and Bakery - Mahopac

    Our Town Bagels is located at 961 Rt. 6 in Mahopac. Many Yelp reviewers claim that their bagels are the best they've ever tasted outside of NYC.

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    Shoprite - North Street - Danbury

    Believe it or not, a mega grocery store actually bakes their own bagels and they're delicious! The Shoprite on Padanaram Road has a wide variety and they're always fresh. My favs are their sesame seed and cinnamon raisin bagels.

    Not that chopped liver has really anything to do with bagels, but chopped liver does make an appearance or two in our home when we celebrate the Jewish holidays. Believe it or not, Shoprite's deli department always has a plentiful supply of excellent chopped liver which goes tastefully with a fresh bagel.

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    Uncle Leo's - Redding

    Uncle Leo's Not Just Coffee & Donuts can be found at 19 Main St. in Redding. Not only are their bagels top notch but so are all of their baked goods made fresh every day. Yelp reviewers rave about Uncle Leo's Boston Creme donuts and their muffins.

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