Looks like you're never too old to become a social media star.

Her name is Babs Costello, she lives in New Canaan, Connecticut, but if you follow any type of social media, then you probably know her better by her handle, "Brunch With Babs".

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Her rise to social media fame started quickly for the mom and grandmother, who was never on social media at all, but only did it when her daughter made the suggestion to make a video and share some of her tips. So when the pandemic started, she wanted to do something fun, so she began offering some of those tips, tricks, and hacks that she picked up over the years on TiKTok and Instagram.

According to wfsb.com, once she hit the internet, she picked up more then one million followers on TiKTok, and almost half a million followers on Instagram. In fact, one of her biggest followers was actress and talk show host Drew Barrymore who invited her to be on a segment of her show.

When she first started to post, she concentrated on cooking tips, but now that has evolved into motherly advice and life hacks, and most of her viewers and followers do interact with her online and claim they pick up so many tips and recipes from her. Bab's responds with a simple, "there's still so much more to learn".

Here's a Bab's Bonus video with her three-ingredient ice cream muffins recipe.

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