From a national perspective 2021 was indeed a notable year.

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COVID-19 continued to grip the nation and millions of Americans simply walked away from their jobs in a movement known as The Great Resignation. We also saw Anthony Hopkins win Best Actor at the 93rd Oscars for his role in “The Father” and a 43-year-old Tom Brady won his seventh Super Bowl as the quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

7 Greater Danbury Headlines It’d Be Amazing to See in 2022

If we hadn’t experienced 2021, and someone had to tell us about it, I’m not sure we’d believe them. The events of the year read like episodes in a science fiction television show. It begs the question, what would surprise of amaze us? What headlines would grab us? National headlines would likely look like cheap imitations of what we saw in ’21. How about 7 Greater-Danbury Headlines It’d Be Amazing to See in 2022

Just in case you recently suffered severe head trauma, the above 2022 headlines and associated stories are figments of one man’s imagination. Nothing has taken place yet, what you just read is not real and neither are you.

14 Danbury Situations You Don't Want to Find Yourself In

Danbury, CT is a wonderful place to live, trust me I live here. There are plenty of activities, fantastic people and an abundance of diverse landscapes. You get it all, rolling hills, lakes, valleys and an urban center but there are situations that you may not want to find yourself in. These are 14 Danbury Situations You Don't Want to Find Yourself In. 

Snapshots from Danbury's WestConn Colonials Football Team for 2021

These are some of the photos from the Danbury Colonials College Football team recap video for the 2021 season. WestConn football's 2021 season is in the books, the team went 5-5 on the year but finished strong. 

Drone Footage Captures Magical Essence of New Milford in Fall

Recently someone set out to capture the Essence and Magic of New Milford in the fall and they nailed it. New Milford is beautiful from the ground but has another level of elegance from the sky. These are images taken from a drone over New Milford in Fall of 2021. 

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