On December 7, Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton stood in front of community representatives and business leaders at the Annual Leaders Luncheon of 2018 to speak about the positive changes and new ideas planned for our community. Mayor Mark addressed seven specific items he hopes to turn into reality.   

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    The Ridge (The Old Matrix Corporate Park)

    You might have heard that the Matrix Corporate Center has been purchased by new developers out of Westport and they have monumental plans for the complex.

    The new owners would like to use every single square foot of the 1.2 million square feet of the property. Currently, plans are underway to divvy the complex into office/retail/restaurant space, housing units, and a conference center.


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    First Congregational Church

    Plans are in the works for the city of Danbury to purchase the First Congregational Church at the corners of Deer Hill Ave. and West St.

    Mayor Mark, along with community leaders are hoping to turn this historic building into a performing arts center. A complete renovation of the building would be a part of the blueprint and if you worship there, not to worry, because current church-goers will still be able to worship there on Sundays.

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    Downtown Danbury

    Mayor Mark's major goal for downtown Danbury is infrastructure improvements which include reconstructing downtown sidewalks and streetscape infrastructure along with public art in the urban core.

    Tackling safety issues in the downtown area by creating new lighting projects and streetscape initiatives are in the planning stages. The city will also apply for a grant to help expand the Danbury Police Department's walk/bike patrol.

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    Getty Images/iStockphoto

    Permit Improvements

    Looking to get the proper permits for a new roof, siding, and small interior projects without waiting for an agent. Danbury is planning on installing permit kiosks which will be multilingual and will contain all the forms you'll need in one place to speed up the process.

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    Other New Things to Come

    Danbury has purchased 150 acres of additional space near Tarrywile Park for recreational use. Connecting new walking trails to the Ives Trail is in the works and restoration projects are in the planning stages for the Octagon House and Tarrywile Castle.

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    Danbury's 2018 Improvements

    1. Danbury is a AAA community
    2. The lowest unemployment rate in CT at 3.1%
    3. 900 added businesses in 2018 alone....
    4. Widening of North St. and Newtown Rd...
    5. Freshman Academy added to Danbury High School.

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