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Here's a lesson I've learned. When your mouth's watering for the freshest and best tasting seafood in Connecticut, you must drive to the water.

I'm not saying that you can't get a delicious seafood dinner in the greater Danbury area, but when I'm craving the freshest, tastiest seafood in Connecticut, I aim my car for the shoreline, because I want the entire package.

I want to see water, fishing boats, and lobster traps. I want the fragrance of fresh fish to permeate my senses. I need to calm down and stick a lobster in my mouth. Here are the top six Connecticut shoreline seafood restaurants that I personally recommend because I've tried them all:

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    Abbot's Lobster in the Rough

    Here's what I love about Abbots, I don't have to dress up to enjoy amazing seafood. I always order their New England Seafood Feast because it covers all the seafood bases with steamers, steamed mussels, and an Abbots steamed lobster. I think I just had a food orgasm. You'll find Abbots at 117 Pearl Street in Noank. Don't call for reservations because they don't take them.

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    S&P Oyster Company

    S&P Oyster company is outrageous but a bit more dressy and more expensive than Abbots. There're at 1 Holmes Street in Mystic. I absolutely love scallops, so every time Mindy and I step into S&P for dinner, I order the Pan Seared Scallop Pasta. It is to die for. Even though they don't take reservations, you can call for priority seating, which is kind of like making a reservation. If you're a seafood lover, go there! Call 860-536-2674.

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    Lenny and Joe's Fish Tail

    You get three different locations to choose from at Lenny and Joe's. They have restaurants in Madison, Westbrook, and New Haven. Lenny's is my go-to destination for two of my favorites, their Fish Tale Chowder and their melt in your mouth lobster rolls. Their New Haven restaurant  is my choice because it's the closest. For more info, call Lenny's at 203-691-6619.

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    Captain's Scott's Lobster Dock

    Ah, yes, Captain's Scott's. I had the best lobster roll of my life a couple of summers ago with a cup of bisque and some corn on the cob. Another couple of things about Captain Scott's that I love are picnic tables and you get to bring your own booze. Very informal and the best warm lobster rolls in the state. It is quite a hike from the Danbury area but so worth it. You'll find Captain Scott's Lobster Dock at 80 Hamilton St. in New London. Call 860-439-1741 prior, as this eatery is seasonal.

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    Stowe's Seafood

    Stowe's Seafood is my go-to place for the best fried seafood in Connecticut and they offer all different kinds of fresh fish. I've chowed down twice at Stowe's over the last five years and my go-to dish is their menu item called the "Treasure Chest", which is shrimp, scallops, clams, crab cake, sole, and haddock all on top a bed of french fries. I love it but my doctor does not. Stowe's is right on the water in West Haven at 347 Beach Street. Call 203-934-1991.

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    The Restaurant at Rowayton Seafood

    This restaurant is a bit more upscale than Abbot's or Captain Scott's but again, certainly worth the drive. I go to this restaurant explicitly for these three menu items, the Truffled Lobster Mac & Cheese, their Maine Steamed Lobster, and their Crab Cake Sandwich. I'm sure that everything on their menu is box office boffo, but I'm all about the lobster. For their menu selections, click on The Restaurant is located at 89 Rowyaton Ave. in Norwalk.