The Danbury Westerners are done for the year, and regional college athletics have yet to pick up. So what is a local sports fan to look forward to for the next few weeks for athletic entertainment? Fear not, here at WINE we have made a list of unconventional activities for you to either spectate - or participate in - to help occupy the dog days of summer. Below are some of my personal favorites.

  • The Beer Mile. What better way to stay refreshed and in shape than running with an ice-cold adult beverage? The rules are simple; run a mile- usually around some standard track- and every quarter mile or lap drink a beer. As per usual, the winner is the first to make it across the finish line... though most times they won't be running
  • Chess Boxing: It's actually exactly what it sounds like. A contest that alternates between eleven rounds of chess and boxing. Each round is three minutes, and a participant wins through knockout, checkmate, or if their opponent exceeds the time limit while on the chess round. Don't try this one at home.
  • Pickleball: Ever wanted to play ping-pong on a tennis court? Then you have to try Pickleball. It's played with giant paddles and a plastic ball that is about 75% holes. This sport is surprisingly common, and you can find places to play right here
  • Gurning: I'm not sure if this one really classifies as a sport, but it's pretty hilarious. A gurn is a British term for a distorted facial expression- it's a funny face making contest! The Gurning World Championship is held at the Egremont Crab Fair, but that takes place in September. Until then, this would a great contest at summer cookouts.
  • Joggling: Maybe the Beer Mile was a bit intense; I get it, it's hot out and you want to enjoy your beverage. This doesn't mean you can skip on the exercise part. Jogging is a pretty popular method of cardio- but it can get boring. Liven it up by juggling at the same time!

Hopefully, this list helps you pass the time and beat the heat this August. Maybe someday there will be an Odd Sports Olympics, something the average guy can have a chance in competing in- sign me up for the USA Gurning Team.