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We've sure come a long way in the last 30 years, and to prove how much things have changed, here's a look at what your Christmas list might have looked like in 1989.

We love Christmas at any age, but probably not as much as we did when we were kids. Every year, we would take some time to write that special letter to Santa with all the stuff we wanted, and the most popular toys of the year would always wind up on top of that list.

So let's take you back 30 years to 1989. Here's a look at some of the big toys that were probably on your Christmas list:



    Sega Genesis

    They billed it as the "Dawn of 16 Bit Power, Your World Will Never Be The Same". The Sega Genesis was the most powerful video game console when it was released in August of 1989. Nintendo's 16 bit system wouldn't hit store shelves until 1991.

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    Nintendo Game Boy

    Some now call it the training wheels that prepared a generation for texting. The original Nintendo Game Boy was also released in August of 1989, and was the official start of kids nagging their parents for one.

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    My Little Pony

    After the lack of success of the "My Pretty Pony" line in 1981, Hasbro introduced six smaller and colorful versions of the toy in 1982, and sold them under the title of My Little Pony.  The move payed off big time and by the end of the 80s, the toy was a staple on every little girls Christmas list.

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    He Man Action Figure

    The late 80s was the heyday of the popular He Man toy line. First created and released by Mattel right before the launch of the TV series. By the time the live action feature movie was released in 1987, the He Man Action Figures were on the holiday list of most boys.

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    Polly Pocket

    Created in 1983, the first Polly Pocket toys appeared in stores in 1989. The original Polly Pocket toys were plastic cases which opened to form a dollhouse or other play set with Polly Pocket figurines included.