Everyone loves Daylight Saving Time, but I can't think of anyone that enjoys losing an hour like what's happening this weekend. So this whole time change thing got me thinking, there are a lot of things you can get done in an hour, and this weekend, we just throw a full hour away like it was nothing.

So here are five things you could've done in Greater Danbury with that lost hour:


  • Swillklitch

    Escape 101

    Danbury's popular escape room over on Kenosia, Escape 101 is SO much fun, and guess how long you're given to succeed in your teams' escape? Yup — an hour!

    They've got three, super creative games,with varying levels of difficulty, escape rate, and popularity. But now you'll have to go out of your way to get your work done faster, gather you crew together and get over there, when just yesterday there was a whole extra hour in our lives.

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    Happy Hour

    There are lots of places you can tip a few back, chow down, AND enjoy some fantastic deals during Happy Hour.

    The top three when we pooled the people that work here at the station were Molly Darcy's right on Mill Plain Road, Italia Mia in New Milford, and Meeting House Pub in Bethel.

    But, again, without that extra hour, you won't be enjoying discounted drinks and apps, you'll be doing nasty, boring chores. At least you won't have to call an Uber to pick the kids up from practice, because you're tipsy.

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    Charge Up Your Car

    They recently put up all those really cool looking charging stations at the Danbury Fair Mall, just off Backus Ave. They have plenty of them, so I'm sure you wouldn't have a long wait. With that extra hour we lost, you could've scored yourself enough electricity for about 15 extra miles. Sad.

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    A Run to the Laundromat

    There's a number of laundromats throughout Greater Danbury, and that lost hour would have gone a long way to get your clothes clean, and your white's even whiter.

    In fact, if you're really a master of time and space like myself, you'd pick a laundromat near a spot with a good happy hour and REALLY enjoy yourself. Way to maximize that stolen hour, Chief!

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    Take Exactly Three Laps Around Harrybrook Park in New Milford

    If you do the entire walking path at Harrybrook Park in New Milford it will take you about one hour. See the health benefits you're totally missing out on by losing that hour this weekend? Your body is a temple, man, and now you've got one less hour to treat is as such.

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    BONUS: If It Was 1991, You Could Get Your Pictures Developed

    This one struck me as I was thinking of local things that we can get done in an hour, and made all nostalgic.  Remember the days of those little one-hour booths like Fotoma?

    There was one right there in the Berkshire Shopping Center in Danbury. The idea was that you drive up, drop off your roll of film, and then come back in an hour and get your pictures.

    Compared to today's technology, this is a real old-school way to spend that lost hour, but that would've been YOUR choice. Not some antiquated idea that causes the sun to shine in your face while you're still in bed.