The hot dog. It's as American as you can get, but where are the best places in the Danbury area to sink your teeth into one? Well, today is National Hot Dog Day, and you're in luck. See if any of these are your favorites.

We may embrace the Hot Dog as our own, but truth of the matter is the hot dog, or Frankfurter, is said to have originated in Frankfurt, Germany, but that was then and this is now. Today (July 18) we celebrate the hot dog in all corners of the world, and to add to your celebration, here are five of the best places in the Danbury area to get your dog on:

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    JK's - Danbury

    Their slogan name says it all — "Home of the Original Texas Weiners". Located on South Street in Danbury

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    Botsford Drive-In - Newtown

    It may not look fancy, but their hot dogs are amazing. Located on South Main Street (Route 25) in Newtown.

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    Bethel Hot Dog Palace - Bethel

    Again, not too fancy, but who needs all the bells and whistles when you can sink your teeth into one of their Cheddar Dog? Located at 44 Stony Hill Road in Bethel.

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    Red Rooster - Brewster

    A long time favorite in Brewster. Famous for their ice cream and burgers, but don't sell their hot dogs short. Try their bacon cheese dog, or their chili cheese dog. You'll be glad you did.

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    Nathan's Famous - Danbury Fail Mall

    It's the mother of all hot dogs, the original and probably still one of the best. Nothing says summertime better then a Nathan's Hot Dog and some of their famous fries.