If you're not screaming, you're not terrified.

Welcome to the month of witches, the walking dead, chainsaws, blood curdling screams, maniacal laughter, and haunted hayrides where you're trapped until all the 'fun' comes to an end. If you love to be "scared to death," these five Connecticut Halloween attractions are just what the zombies ordered.

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    Harrybrooke Haunted Trail - New Milford

    New Milford's Harrybrooke Park presents its 4th Annual Haunted Trail at 100 Still River Rd. in New Milford. This attraction is not recommended for kids under 12 and any person who has a heart condition or who freaks out around flashing lights AND there is absolutely no booze allowed.

    The Haunted Trail is a fundraiser for a number of wonderful charities. For more info regarding hours, tickets, and directions to Harrybrooke Park, call 860-799-6520 or click on universe.com.

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    The Haunted Graveyard at Lake Compunce - Bristol

    Take a one mile journey through the catacombs to a chilling graveyard and a vampires lair onto a misty lake. What could possibly go wrong?

    Are the pumpkins actually alive? Are there zombies waiting in the cornfield. Find out, when you take one of the most horrifying 45 minute walks of your life!

    Warning, this is not for the faint of heart. For pricing, hours, and tickets click on hauntedgraveyard.com. 

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    Nightmare on Wolcott Street - Waterbury

    To get a "feel" for this "Nightmare," click this link. If you're in the mood for chainsaws, creepy sounds, authentic ghouls, blood, and gore, you've come to the right place.

    There are 55 rooms of terror including chainsaws, mice, spiders, and live actors that will scare you to the core. To find out about hours, tickets, and what awaits you, click on nightmareonwolcottstreet.com. if you dare.

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    Haunting at the Hollow - New Fairfield

    The Clayton family was consumed by evil after they discovered ancient artifacts on their property in the early 1900's. The family then simply vanished from their estate but their spirits returned in 2016 and they would love to meet you.

    The Clayton Family would like to thank everyone who have come to visit since 2016 especially the ones that never left. The family is looking forward to meeting you this Halloween. You'll find the Hollow at 125 Rt. 37 in New Fairfield. For tickets, pricing and hours, click on halloweennewengland.com. 

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    Legends of Fear - Shelton

    Real farm, real woods, real fear! The forgotten souls have been released from their graves and delight in your screaming cries of distress. Think first before you board the 35 minute long haunted hayride because there is no getting off as it goes deeper and deeper into the forest.

    Located at 2 Saw Mill City Rd. in Shelton you will be treated to 'The Hallow,' The Melon Head Revenge Trail,' and the new 'Funhouse of Fear.' For descriptions, tickets, and hours, click on legendsoffear.com.  

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