Some will say it's un-American. Some will say it's against the law.

I have absolutely no desire to watch the Kansas City Chiefs butt heads with the SanFrancisco 49ers during the most important game of the NFL season. There, I said it and I'm not apologizing for it. Don't judge me.

Anybody who really knows me knows I'm a passive football fan and really have no allegiance to any one team. Every once in a while during the season, I'll check out a Pats or Giants game just to say I've watched some guys bangin' each other around.

Honestly, I would rather spend Sundays hanging out with my grandkids or getting stuff done around the house which brings me to the reason for this article titled, '6 Connecticut Alternatives to Watching the Big Game.'


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    Hogwarts Celebration of Science and Sorcery

    If you're able to drag your kids away from playing 'Fortnite' for an afternoon, head on over to the Connecticut Science Center in Hartford and try out for the Quidditch team or perhaps learn how to fight in Dumbledore's army. For times and tickets, click on

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    Danbury Railway Museum

    Have you got kids or grandkids who love to look at, play with, or ride trains? My grandson, Bradley is a fanatical train fan and at last count, he probably owns 10 different types of trains.

    Bradley has visited the Danbury Train Museum so many times, he's remembered the names of most of the museum's volunteers. If trains are your kid's fire jam click on

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    Go to the Movies

    Make it a triple feature movie day on Superbowl Sunday at Danbury's AMC Theatres. Some of the best-rated movies include:

    The Gentlemen - It's about a man named Mickey Pearson played by Matthew McConaughey who becomes rich by building a marijuana empire in London.

    The Last Full Measure - A true story about a Vietnam war hero featuring an excellent cast that includes, William Hurt and Samuel L. Jackson. *Very highly rated...

    Jumanji: The Next Level - This action-adventure comedy features Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, and Danny Glover.

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    Go See the Psychic Show for the Whole Family

    The Ridgefield Playhouse features Mentalist, Joshua Kane on Big Game Day this Sunday. Kane will astound you when he demonstrates the power of the mind. Can he read your mind?

    This interactive show will demonstrate Joshua Kane's ability to use his special powers to tap into the minds of various audience members. For more specifics on Mentalist, Joshua Kane, click on

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    Take the Wife to a Fancy Restaurant

    If your wife hates football, here's a chance to score some big-time points by making reservations at a top-notch fine dining restaurant. For what it's worth, here are three restaurants in the greater Danbury area I highly recommend.

    Cafe on the Green (Danbury) This gourmet Italian restaurant is located at Richter Park overlooking this beautiful public golf course. Mindy and I have had dinner here a number of times and it never disappoints. You're welcome.

    Arethusa al Tavolo (Bantam) If you're a foodie and you don't mind shelling out some cash for dinner, this eatery is a must! Located up Route 202 past New Milford and into Bantam, some would consider this eatery a special occasion restaurant.

    Good News Restaurant and Bar (Woodbury) Here's another gem Mindy and I have enjoyed with friends. Chef, Carole Peck has won numerous culinary awards from the New York Times, Zagat, Connecticut Magazine, and Bon Appetit.


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