It's going to be a busy weekend out there!

It's officially time for one of the busiest travel weekends and this year is expected to hit new records. If I were you, I would avoid traveling during peak times. It could get ugly out there.

AAA reported that nearly 71 million people are expected to travel throughout this week / weekend and it's going to be a busy one. This year is expected to hit pre-pandemic numbers with an additional 5.7 million people traveling, making it the busiest year yet.

They put out a chart of how many people were expected to travel and it's forecasted that 60.6 million people within the country will travel by automobile, 5.74 million by plane, and 4.62 million by "other". I can not stand the roads when it's a holiday weekend - let alone can I imagine the airports. It takes a special person to have patience to go through that. I feel for all of the workers that have to deal with people throughout this weekend.

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The report also goes on to say that the busiest time on July 4 to travel will be between 2 PM and 7 PM. Today, Wednesday July 3 and Sunday, July 7 are probably going to be the most congested days because everyone will be starting / ending their trips on these days.

Listen, I-95 and I-84 are terrible on a normal day. Traveling on them during rush hour on a holiday weekend? No thank you. Add the extra crazies on the road and it's not a good time.

The weather keeps changing, but it looks like we will overall have a good weekend. I hope everyone enjoys their time and has a safe and happy 4th. Make sure to be nice to people that are working and be safe on the roads.

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