The Best in the World is a Title that only a select few can boast, but it's happening right now for Danbury's Glover Teixeira. Teixeira is now the Light Heavyweight Division World Champion for the World's Premiere MMA fighting organization UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship.

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The event at which Teixeira won his title was UFC 267, which took place this past Saturday October 30, 2021, on UFC's Fight Island in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Teixeira captured the UFC Light Heavyweight Title from his opponent, Jan Blachowicz, after Teixeira made Blachowicz submit via a rear-naked choke in the second round of their contest. Here's Teixeira's post-fight interview via UFC's YouTube:

Teixeira, 42, is now the oldest first-time champion in UFC's history. Second only, in age anyway, to Randy Couture who won the UFC's Heavyweight title at the age of 45.

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In his post-fight comments, Teixeira immediately thanked his opponent and acknowledged his stunning victory at an age where most MMA fighters have long since retired:

20 years baby, I have no words....I'm breakin' the rules, 42 years old, and I'm gonna keep breaking those rules.

Teixeira went on to say:

I want to thank my city Sobralia, (Minas Gerais, Brazil), my family, Danbury, Connecticut, my gym...They're all excited over there. You know I'm coming home with the belt baby! I told you guys, I'm coming home with the belt, AND I AM. The promise is DONE.

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The gym that Teixeira is referring to in his victory speech is Bethel's Teixeira MMA & Fitness, it's an Official World-Class MMA Camp, which is located at 32 Stony Hill Road. The gym is owned and operated by Teixeira and his wife Ingrid. It was originally located in Danbury until December 2018 when Teixeira moved his operation to the current facility on Stony Hill Road.

Teixeira initially operated the facility as a private place to train for his upcoming fights, but decided to open their doors to the public, offering training for both professional MMA fighters and athletes as well as regular people that want to learn mixed-martial arts.

I'm sure they'll see an uptick in business now. Congratulations to the World's Best Light Heavyweight Mixed-Martial Artist.

Esposito VS. Alves: A Complete Breakdown of Danbury’s 2021 Mayoral Race

Voting in a local election is one the best ways to express your beliefs and immediately impact the world around you but how can you really know a candidate from a few quotes in the local newspaper? You can't.

The paper cannot give you a sense for the candidates personality nor can they show you how the person performs under pressure. A radio interview is a much more intimate thing and you can learn who your local candidates are on a deeper level.

In the weeks leading up to the 2021 Danbury Mayoral Election, we believe we have provided Hat City voters with an unbiased view of their options. Each Friday we brought Roberto Alves and Dean Esposito on the Ethan and Lou Show and asked them both the same questions.

Because the person who goes last, has the ability/advantage of answering to the first candidate, we would alternate the order every few weeks. We did not endorse either candidate, we simply gave an even portrait of the two men, their politics and their vision for Danbury.

This is a look back at the I-95 Election coverage for you to review the day before Election. Below you will be given an excerpt from each article we did with the candidates and a link that can redirect you to the full article. Most of the articles include full interviews we conducted with your candidates, Vote tomorrow, it matters.

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