Local firefighters rescued a young boy who was trapped at the top of a tall tree.

The Danbury Fire Department put it best when they said, "Sometimes firefighters are called to rescue cats in trees, and sometimes it's something different!!"

On Monday afternoon, March 2, Engine No. 23 from the DFD responded to the report of a family in distress. A local mom dialed 911 after her 4-year-old son reportedly climbed an impressive 16 feet up a tree, but unfortunately was unable to find his way back down.

In the photos above and below, Danbury firefighter Nick Nunnally can be seen using a ladder to scale the tree, grabbing the boy in his arms, and returning him to safety.

Following the "all's well that ends well" moment in rescuing the young daredevil, the Danbury Fire Department noted that "the young lad was no worse for the wear, and we suspect he'll be a Danbury Firefighter one day!"

While the majority of comments from the DFD's social media followers were your typical words of praise for the job well done by the Hat City's bravest, my personal favorite came from Robert A., whose Police Academy reference was spot on. "Great job," wrote Robert. "Officer Tackleberry might have handled this a bit differently. Glad it was you." His comment was in reference to this scene in the movie:

Here is a closer look at the photos from the scene courtesy of the Danbury FD:

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