When I was young, the career landscape was very different, than it is today.

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Back in the day when you chose your career, you were essentially agreeing to spend the rest of your life there. Employers, and employees were more loyal and more accountable to one another.

Today it's all very different. Employers and employees are not loyal. In fact, loyalty to one's company is viewed as a weakness, it's seen as an inability to grow or accept change. The last few years have also altered the work landscape in America. COVID-19 taught companies that they can trust their employees to work from home, and in many cases, it saved the companies money. The "Great Resignation", the ever-growing tech industry, everything is different today.

This means, everyone is always looking for new opportunities and new employees. Everyone has a notification setting on their phone that tells them when there are openings in their field. People cruise job sites and fantasize about starting a new journey, a new life.

Recently, I noticed something that I can't remember seeing before, an increase in jobs that require "no experience." I was curious to see what "no-experience" jobs there were available in Danbury and I found 4 very different ones, right away.

Restaurant Team Member - Chipotle - Danbury, CT

Chipotle Reports Quarterly Earnings
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This position requires no experience, it's listed as Full-time and they say you get free food, medical insurance and tuition assistance. Not bad Chipotle, I see you.

Funeral Attendant - SCI Shared Resources - Danbury, CT 

David Kay

This Funeral Attendant position is available in Danbury and, again, you don't need experience. Normally, a position like this would be a hard sell but this company is lucky I saw it. I used to do this job so I can say with some level of certainty, it's not nearly as bad as you might think. The worst part is all the standing around but hey, at least you're on this side of the grass.

Paid Nurse Aide Training - Glen Hill Center - Danbury 

Shot of medical practitioners having a chat while on their tea break

Glen Hill Center in Danbury will train you, pay you and no experience is necessary. Have you ever met a nurse you didn't like? I haven't.

Seasonal Pool Attendant - Fairfield County - Danbury

swimming pool

No experience necessary, check. They have on-the-job training, check. They have swimming pools, I love it.

I'd literally do all of these jobs. I think it's important that we stop shaming people for their jobs and industries, and celebrate work. Somewhere along the way, an honest-day's work became a bad thing. Doing a difficult job or accomplishing tasks other people didn't want became something we make fun of. Hard work is nothing to laugh at and it should be celebrated in every industry. OK, I'm going to climb off my high-horse now and get back to writing d--- jokes.

P.S. There were way more than 4 Danbury jobs that were listed with "no-experience." I could have spent all day on this but sadly, I need to move on. I may have to find the time to come up with a "part-2" to this subject.

P.S. #2 - If you are a representative of any of the companies above, and you'd like to complain about something I said, go s-- in your hat, I just gave you a free ad.

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