Most people understand that Fraternities were always for guys, and Sororities were always for the ladies. Now, that theory is being challenged by three women at Yale University.

Earlier this month, history was made in Connecticut when 100 Connecticut girls were inducted Into the Boy Scouts. Now, three women are trying to rewrite history at Yale University by claiming they were denied opportunities due to their gender and that sororities do little to solve the gender inequality they face.

According to Forbes, the plaintiffs claim they sought admission to nine of the all male fraternities, but were denied, and the school did not step in when it was requested. The 85 page lawsuit states that “Women and non-binary students at Yale are excluded from these social and economic privileges of fraternity membership solely because of their gender".

The three women also claim in the lawsuit that the university has violated their rights in multiple areas by continuing to allow discriminatory groups to exist.

The claim also noted the glaring difference between the two Greek organizations. Many National Sorority Organizations prohibit local chapters from hosting parties, which leaves Fraternities with what legal analysts call unrivaled influence over Yale’s social scene.

So will the courts overturn this legislation and allow the women to pledge to any of the nine frat houses that denied them or will the status quo prevail, and these women receive the same message they got from the frat houses: access denied? Stay tuned.

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