If you've lived in Connecticut for the last 10 plus years, you must know that New Haven is renowned for their pizza.

In a city like New Haven that's famous for their pizza, common sense would tell us that there must be an abundance of pizza delivery guys. According to Fox 61 News, three pizza delivery driver robberies took place in the span of one hour early Monday morning in New Haven.

New Haven police got the first call at 12:56am from a pizza delivery guy who was attacked and beat up as he got out of his car on Wolcott Place. The driver, Kamil Dilson told police that this was the fifth time he's been assaulted. At 1:17am driver #2 was robbed at Pine and Monroe Streets while he had pulled over to check an address, and then at 1:35am, driver #3 was delivering a pie on Stevens Street when some dude pulled a gun and drove off in the delivery driver's car. Not good guy!

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Because New Haven pizza is supposedly the best in the world, my question is did these pizza bandits accost the delivery drivers to steal their money or the pizza? I don't mean to make fun of the fact these guys were robbed at gun point, but what would you do if you were all hopped up on a fifth of Wild Turkey and several bong hits and you knew the pizza delivery guy had a large Spinach, Mushroom, and Gorganzola pie from Pepe's? Yeah, I thought so.


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