According to Yougov, 26% of people (Britons) kept their New Year's Resolution last year. The British survey also revealed that 53% of respondents have a resolution for 2021. The most common resolution for 2020 was some sort of fitness/diet routine and remains the most popular resolution for 2021.

You want to sit here and tell me 9% of people kept their resolution in 2020, I'll be like "ehhhhh" but I'll be willing to live with that and not make a federal issue out of it. But I cannot read that 26% of people kept their resolution in 2020 and not make a stink. I don't care if they are British, American or from Mars, it's false.

I'm here to tell you, we have an butt-load of liars on our hands here. They were probably eating fattening food, drinking and fully reclined while filling this survey full of lies.

Last year was ass, plain and simple. There is no way, over 25% of anyone kept a promise to themselves that involved self control, effort or a willingness to achieve a goal, not in 2020.

You know the saying "when the going gets tough, the tough get going?" Yeah, well most people aren't tough and they rarely get going.

In a normal year, I would not believe this statistic, but in 2020 it's rubbish, to steal a word from the Britons. I saw the opposite in 2020, giving up, laying down, weeping and babbling incoherently. And that was just me.

If something wasn't on fire in 2020, it's because someone missed a spot when pouring the gasoline, but they eventually got around to it. We didn't even blink when we heard there was a thing called "Murder Hornets" and that's because we were dead inside, clouded by booze and covered in chicken fat.

26% of people DID NOT keep their resolution in 2020 but we can in 2021, maybe.

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