Do you want to just see a big display of fireworks? Well, there are a few of those this year, but if you'd like to go to a carnival, food truck festival, or ride some amusement park rides before the blasts, we got you covered.

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Western Connecticut is good at pulling off 4th of July events filled with loud explosions in the air, and belly bombs for your gut. Waterbury is presenting another food truck festival at their 4th of July party, and Ridgefield is doing two big displays in their town over the next couple of weeks. Candlewood Lake will be rocking again, and you'll also find fun events in Ridgefield, Redding, Brewster, NY, and Quassy is back at it again in 2022 with another 3-D fireworks festival.

Here's a quick guide to the local fireworks displays scheduled all over Western Connecticut, and the Greater Danbury area, in the order that they are scheduled.

2022 4th of July Fireworks Display Guide For Greater Danbury

You've heard some of your neighbors starting to light them off already, but the big displays are coming up, here's a local guide to the 4th of July fireworks displays that are scheduled over the next couple of weeks around Western Connecticut

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