Anyone who listens to the Ethan and Lou show on a regular basis knows I am television buff. I like TV, I have watched a lot of it and I like to think I know what the hell I am talking about here. So let's preview some of the fall TV shows for 2018.

Mayans M.C.

"Sons of Anarchy" creator Kurt Sutter is back with a spin off to the hit show called "Mayans M.C." The long awaited series follows the story of a prospect of the fictional Mayans motorcycle club. The show debuted last night on FX. If the show is half as good as "Sons of Anarchy" it's already better than ninety percent of what is on TV. I missed the debut episode last night but I will be catching up as soon as possible.

Walking Dead - Season 9

AMC delivers Season 9 of the "Walking Dead" on October 7th. Season 8 took a beating from critics and many fans. I got on the Dead bandwagon later than most. I started the series from Season 1, Episode 1 when the show was already in it's 6th season. I was hooked immediately. I do agree that last year was a bit of a disappointment but I think a bounce back is coming this year. I have questions, like many of you, that need answering but I expect this will start to happen.

Murphy Brown

CBS is digging up an old series and doing a full reboot with the original cast. Murphy Brown comes back September 27th. The original had healthy piles of political satire and was controversial for it's time. The writers should have no problem coming up with episode ideas based on the current political climate in the U.S. I'll probably check out the first few episodes out of nostalgia and curiosity. This will go on for about two or three episodes and I will move on with my life.

This Is Us

Season 3 of "This Is Us" comes to NBC September 25th. Jimmy crack corn and I don't care. This is a show that I would normally write off after seeing just one trailer or promo and make fun of it til the end of time based on zero information. I do this because it annoys people and that makes me laugh. I DID NOT DO THAT WITH THIS SHOW. I watched it, I watched it with my wife because she asked me to. I saw like ten episodes before telling my lovely wife that I can't take it anymore. If you like the show, good for you. I'm not a fan and this is NOT us, not me at least. The rest of you can cry until the end of time over fictional characters. I'll be crying for sure but for different reasons all together.

There are too many shows to fit them all in this one amazing blog. Here's just a few more to keep an eye out for:

  • "House of Cards" - Final Season - Nov 2nd - Netflix
  • "The Conners" - "Roseanne" spin-off - Oct. 16th - ABC
  • "American Horror Story: Apocalypse" - Sep. 12th - FX

Some will be hits and others won't be around long. What I do know is that it's couch potato season and I will be ready with snacks.





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