Litchfield County has posted a warning about an aggressive 2,000-pound' bull' that's been loose in the town of Plymouth, CT.

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The Plymouth Police Department has identified the creature as a Beefalo, which is part bison and part domestic cattle. The breed was created for beef production, and even though a 'Beefalo' is considered a docile animal, this specific animal on the lam is considered aggressive and dangerous.

The loose steer was last seen in Plymouth, CT, along Route 72, which is about an hour north of Danbury. Police have learned that this big fella came from a Massachusetts farm and was eventually transported to a nearby animal processing facility, and we all know what that means.

After wisely figuring out that he was going to be turned into rib eyes, beefalo brisket, t-bones, and a lot of hamburger, he carefully planned his escape after watching the movie, 'Shawshank Redemption.'

During the last sighting on August 26, police officers attempted to apprehend the beefalo but decided against it when the animal looked like it was going to charge. If you catch sight of this behemoth animal don't mess around with it! Immediately call the Plymouth Police Deaprtment at 860-589-7779.

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