One city resident was hospitalized in the wake of a fire that broke out in Danbury late Wednesday night (February 24).

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According to the Danbury Fire Department, the Hat City's Bravest sprung to action just before 11:00 PM upon being notified that there was active fire in the area of Wooster Street and Deer Hill Avenue. As they arrived to location of the report, the firefighters were flagged down by neighbors, directing them to the four-story, wood framed condominium complex at 130 Deer Hill Avenue.

By that time, smoke was reportedly billowing up from the rear of the complex, and upon their initial observation, the DFD elevated the fire to a second alarm, allowing for additional units to be brought in to assist with what's been described as "heavy fire conditions" on both the third and fourth floors of the complex. The fire began to extend to the attic as well.

The fire department says that the unit of focus had one resident, who thankfully was able to self-evacuate and get to the hospital to be treated for burns before the units arrived to the scene of the blaze. As of this writing, no update of the occupant's current medical condition has been made readily available.

The Hat City firefighters reportedly made quick work of the task at hand, quickly knocking down the blaze and at the same time, locating the occupant's pets, who were then placed in the care of a neighbor.

From there, Eversource assisted the DFD in isolating the electricity and gas to those specific condos so that the others not affected by the fire were able to be re-entered by residents. As for the residents with units that were unable to be re-occupied, Danbury Emergency Management and American Red Cross were brought in to ensure that they would have a place to stay.

Currently, the Danbury Fire Marshal's Office is investigating the cause of the blaze.

Here's a look at photos from the scene on Wednesday night, courtesy of the Danbury Fire Department:

Deer Hill Avenue Condo Fire

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