It all began on Tuesday, Nov. 26 when Danbury Police began receiving complaints about threatening texts.

According to the Danbury Police Department's FB page, those texts sent to various Danbury High students suggested they should not attend school the following day because they would be targeted to be shot.

Danbury Police Department's General Investigations Division began an investigation in conjunction with the Danbury High School Resource Officers and the Danbury High School Administration.

Danbury High Screen Shot
Danbury High Screen Shot

What the investigations uncovered was the text messages were coming from the same source. Between police interviews and a number of search warrants, Danbury Police say that they learned the origin of these threats was a 17-year-old Danbury male.

The teen was arrested on Dec. 5 and charged with Breach of Peace in the 2nd Degree. The Danbury Police Department and the Danbury School Administration have issued a statement saying they will keep working together to ensure the safety of all Danbury High School students.

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