In the wake of Winter Storm Bailey, an uplifting story has dug itself out of the Brass City, as a number of local area teens worked alongside Waterbury's finest to help those in need.

According to the Waterbury Police Department, Winter Storm Bailey, which dumped anywhere between 9 to 16 inches of snow on various cities and towns across Connecticut this week, was "no match" for snow removal crew affectionately referred to as the Waterbury Police Athletic League's Snow Brigade.

After receiving over 100 requests from residents who were unable to dig themselves out in one way or another, the PAL Snow Brigade, which, this time around, was comprised of 16 young adults and a number of Watebury police officers, masked-up and hit the streets of the Brass City, clearing sidewalks and driveways alike in the name of doing a whole lot of good during the 2020 Holiday Season.

"This terrific group of young adults worked hard along side the Waterbury Police Officers assigned to the PAL," reads a social media post from the WPD. "These police officers act as role models and mentors for the young adults involved in this and the many other programs and opportunities offered by the PAL (Police Athletic League).

This is not the first time the Waterbury PAL Snow Brigade has come to their community's aid. In fact, they've made quite a habit of it. This time last year, almost to the day, the team of local teens and police officers accomplished similar feats for those in need when Waterbury experienced one of the only significant snowfalls of last year.

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