It all began on July 15, 1926, when Connecticut Light and Power Company's board of directors approved a plan to create the first large-scale operation of pumped storage facilities in the United States.

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Candlewood Lake was formed behind a hydroelectric dam south of the Rocky River's junction with the Housatonic River in New Milford. One thousand four hundred men from the United States and Canada converged into the valley and cleared 4,500 acres of trees, dams were built, and on February 28, 1928, water began to pour into the valley from the Housatonic River.

On September 29, 1928, the water reached an elevation of 429 feet above sea level, and Candlewood Lake was born. This year marks Candlewood Lake's 93rd Summer.

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The Candlewood Lake Chronicles: Exploring Vaughn's Neck

Vaughn's Neck is located smack dab in the middle of the northern part of Candlewood Lake, separating the New Fairfield/Sherman side from the Brookfield/New Milford side.

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